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Scientifics, researchers and doctors, they collaborate to Softmesotherapy's development.



PhD. Biology and Biochemistry

More than a great inventor in dermocosmetics, this doctor in molecular biophysiochemistry is above all one of our last humanists in cosmetology. He has been relentlessly researching the cosmetic concepts and molecules of tomorrow for more than 35 years. Inventor of the famous "Capture, Diorsvelte and Liposomes", he is also a world specialist of keratinocytes. He worked for Dior, Yves Rocher, Esthederm-Bioderma, Amore Pacific and Uriage. Active member of the French Cosmetic Valley, he is the author of more than a hundred scientific publications and patents.


MD Blepharoplasty and Surgeon

Former Intern, former Assistant Hospitals Specialist Practitioner attached to the National Ophthalmology Hospital of the Quinze-Vingt in Paris. He practices exclusively this eye-plastic specialty and esthetic since 20 years.

As one of the world leaders in this field, he is an active member of the SFO, SOPREF, and ESOPRS, French and European scientific societies dedicated to these fields of ophthalmology, and aesthetics of oculoplastic.

Dr. Patrizia d’ALESSIO

MD, PhD. Scientific Research

Pr. Patrizia d'Alessio is an expert in vascular biology and the mechanisms of inflammation. Searcher at the CNRS in Hanoi, she directs a research group from the Fudan University of Shanghai (China) on the biological mechanism of action of the tri-terpene.

She is the founder of AISA Molleculum, nutricosmetics.

Pr. Dominique REDUREAU

PT, PhD, Cosmetologist, Associate Professor at the Institute of Physiotherapy & Scientific Director 

Cosmetologist, PT, PhD. Associate Professor at the Institute of Physiotherapy, and attached to the European Hospital in Paris. He is also the author of numerous books on the use of lasers in physiotherapy. In the last 30 years, D. Redureau  has advised many major cosmetic international groups.

Dr. Sylvie BOISNIC

MD Dermatologist, Anatomopathologist,
Director of Research Laboratory 

Reknown scientist, Master of Conférences of University, Paris Vl University and Hospital Pratician, Pitié-Salpétrière Hospital of Paris. Pratician to the Stomatology and Surgery Service at the Pitié-Salpétrière Hospital of Paris
Teacher Attaché of buccal muccous pathology DU, Paris VI University. Teacher of buccal Cancerology DU Paris VI University.  Ability to direct researches at Paris VII University. Professor attached to the Stomatology « UFR » of Pitié-Salpétrière Hospital of Paris since 2003 . She is also specialized in Luminotherapy.

Pr. Agnieska SEKOWSKA

PhD. Cellular and molecular genetics

International Researcher and University Professor. She created the experimental section of the HKU-Pasteur Research Center in Hong Kong. She is now Head of Technical Platforms at the Institute of Cardiometabolism and Nutrition "ICAN", preclinical research on the intestinal microbiota (Amabiotics / ICM). With numerous publications and scientific conferences, she brings her knowledge of the fight against aging.